Hi, I'm Brie.


I’m the Founder and President at BCJ Insights, LLC, a boutique consulting firm focused on human resources, talent development and training, and corporate communications. In my role, I’m lucky enough to be able to assist clients in a variety of areas.

Because HR should be about combining humans AND resources, not about treating humans AS resources.

I'm an HR Strategist who supports small business owners who are passionate about their people to make confident choices that build a solid HR foundation through my 3Cs of Management: communication, consistency, and common sense.

When it comes to communication, I launched an internal communications department and program for a 30-person company where I directed all employee communication campaigns, trainings, and special events while also coordinating media relations. I managed all of the member communications for an international trade association, assisted multiple non-profit organizations with their communications and coordinated employee-focused communications campaigns with several Indiana hospitals.

I managed a comprehensive HR program including benefits administration, recruitment, and employee retention. I was also responsible for coordination of internal and external communications activities including the creation of content for the company’s public website, newsletters, and intranet as well as management of media relations. I worked closely with human resources directors across multiple hospital organizations in their best practice sharing and shared strategy initiatives. I also oversaw brand management, project management, corporate reporting, and the meeting planning processes.

I have my Bachelor’s degree from Purdue University in Communications, a Master’s in Business Administration from Penn State, and my Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification.